Written in Film are delighted to be partners with Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust in West Lothian's exciting new Shale Trail project.

The Shale Trail is a 16 mile waymarked trail between West Calder and Winchburgh linking sites, features and communities through the area’s rich oil shale heritage.  Written in Film are developing interpretive content working with schools and other partners. The finished work will be accessible through the dedicated Shale Trail website or via site specific QR codes along the trail.

The project will be completed in August 2020. Here is a glimpse of some of the great work done by our ShaleTrail schools.

Winchburgh PS  March 2020

Cottages, bings and mines

Learning about Shale Miner's jobs, how bings were made and what it might have been like to live in a miner's cottage.

Images by Written in Film

Parkhead  PS  March 2020

Woodland Art and Poetry

Making beautiful creations and poetry from natural material found at Polbeth Community Garden with Kev Theaker

Images by Written in Film

Winchburgh Paul's RC PS  March 2020

Shale Quiz

True, false or maybe? What are the facts about West Lothian's Shale industry? Making our TV Quiz show.

Images by Written in Film

St Paul's RC PS  March 2020

The Carboniferous

Making animations, pictures, stories and drama about the Carboniferous, including Lizzie the Lizard.

Images by Written in Film

Broxburn PS  February 2020

New Lamps for Old

Learning from families about miners' lives and the hardship they faced daily.

Images by Written in Film

Parkhead West Calder  January 2020

Sensory walk

Using our senses to explore regenerated woodland close to Shale mines and railways with Kev Theaker,

Written in Film.

Images by Written in Film

Livingston Village PS  December 2019

From Shale to Oil

Amy Muir enthralls the class with tales of shale, oil and mining at the Scottish Shale Museum, Livingston.

Images by Tom Duffin  Twitter@weePhotosEdin FB@TomDuffinPhotographer

Livingston Village PS  November 2019

Sparking light!

From the first fires to Roman lamps, tallow candles and smelly whale oil lamps to paraffin lamps with Heath Brown, Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust.

Images by Written in Film

St Paul's RC PS  November 2019

Becoming a Digital Journalist

Tom McKendrick, Head of Video and Audio, Metro Publishing Australia giving a workshop in Digital Journalism.

Livingston Village PS  November 2019

Miner's Kit

Images by Written in Film

Maureen Liddell, West Lothian Museum Service conducts a wonderful handling session with miners' kit.

Images by Written in Film

St Paul's RC PS  November 2019

Swamps and Volcanoes

Learning about the treasure trove of rocks and fossils under our feet in West Lothian. with Kev Theaker.

Images by Written in Film

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